Welcome to Namaste Pro

Lets start with our core principles –

Authentic | Conscious |

Unless our business is 100% authentic, we didn’t wish to even start it.

At Namaste Pro we're passionate about holistic treatments / topics and excited to bring these skills and passions to the work place to assist others.

It is our belief that by businesses taking an active interest and pro-active approach in their employee’s health and general well being, not only will it create a positive work environment, make employees feel more valued and happier, the bigger picture is it will help tackle the huge amount of sick days lost due to individuals struggling with stress and anxiety.

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We offer a range of relaxing therapies to business, corporations, local events, charity events and festivals, along with personal clients, to help boost overall health and wellbeing.

Our core services include:

  • Reflexology Sessions
  • Stress busting workshops/end of day wind down sessions

More information can be found here