Stress and Anxiety

Let's talk about stress and anxiety.

We have all no doubt experienced some sort of stress and anxiety in our lives, whether it be moving house, heartbreak or just the daily grind taking its toll on our mental health and general well being. What do we do when it's prolonged and every day at work? How do you manage your own stress levels at work? Silent screams in the toilets? Nicotine or coffee?

Jokes aside, in 2019 we're sure to see the rise in Wellness in the Workplace industry; whether it's mindfulness sessions at lunch or your company pays for your holistic therapies. There's definitely something to be said for having a regular outlet for combatting stress in the workplace.

Research shows that a massive 15.4 million days were lost in the U.K. due to sickness leave between 2016/2017, that's around £500 per employee and 13 billion a year.

With the Wellness in the Workplace industry set to be worth £519.9 million in 2019 and with an annual growth of 2.7%, it's encouraging to see that more and more companies are taking a pro active approach to their employees' health and well being at work, and it's not just the individuals responsibility, companies are now starting to recognise that they too have a responsibility. Organisations such as google have definitely helped the Wellness in the Workplace movement become more main stream. They have their Wellness programmes, whether it's yoga classes, swimming sessions or meditation sessions. 

Most will be aware of the now retired, former engineer at Google, Chade-Meng Tan, aka the "Jolly Good Fellow". He earned his eccentric Google title after starting "Mindfullness training" courses at the company - a groundbreaking mindfulness based emotional intelligence course called Search Inside Yourself. The courses became so successful that it led him to work for 2 years as the head of personal growth and to pursue full time a non-profit called "Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute" (SIYLI) pronounced "silly", to bring the same popular Google class to others. 

Ok, so I don't work for Google, I do however believe that in the next decade it will be common practice for companies in the U.K. to have their own Wellness programmes and I for one hope to bring more awareness to the topic.

Tamsin Mulloy 

Namaste Pro - Wellness in the Workplace

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